Monday, December 6, 2010

Fall 2010

I can't believe fall is almost over.  It is my absolute favorite time of the year, I love beautiful colors of the changing seasons.  This was my first fall back in Loomis in a while since I have been at school in Idaho and it was wonderful.  These are just some of the fun things we did...
In the beginning of October we went with my Family to Bishop's Pumpkin patch.  It was so much fun, we enjoyed some apple cider, watched the pig races (haha), and found ourselves a pumpkin!

Carving our pumpkin..

and the finished product...

Another thing I loved about fall growing up was that it was soccer season. My dad is the soccer coordinator for the red league here and was short some coaches so he asked me if I would coach the under 16 girls team. Our team name was the chaos, and that was definitely fitting. We had a "defeated season," but I had a lot of fun with the girls even though they drove me crazy sometimes and it was a good experience. I can't wait to coach my own kids someday.

My team...

We had a great Thanksgiving.  We went and played football in the morning, well Allen did, I played soccer with my sisters and had a lot of fun. Then we just spent the rest of the day relaxing, and of  course, EATING!!!

Al and I on Thanksgiving
 I love him

Lastly, my sister Ashley had her baby boy!  They named him Tyler Stephen Ross and he is sooo cute.  We had a lot of fun holding him for a few days but they are back in San Jose now and we cant wait for them to come visit again.

We had a great time this fall with our family and friends, and have so much to be thankful for.  Now, we are excited for Christmas!!

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