Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Allen and I just celebrated our one year anniversary, and I can't believe how fast that one year went by!  So much has happened this past year and we have grown together in so many ways; I'm grateful for him and the amazing husband and best friend that he is!

Allen surprised me with a trip to Santa Cruz!
The first place we went was the "Mystery Spot."  I always see people with this bumper sticker and never knew what it was so it was fun to go and find out.  It's this little place in the Redwoods where they say the law of gravity doesn't apply.  We went on a tour and even got a bumper sticker! haha

Then we headed to the beach.  We love the beach, that is where Allen proposed so it was fun to go spend some time by the water.

We went to the boardwalk and walked around, then went mini golfing at the 2 story indoor golf course!

The next day we drove up Hwy 1 to meet up with Allen's family for New Years in San Simeon.  The drive is beautiful but long!

We had a lot of fun in San Simeon seeing the elephant seals (so weird) and touring Hearst Castle!

Thank you so much for the trip Allen, it was a blast!  I love you happy anniversary!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our Very Merry Little Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year spending time with friends and family.  We are so blessed to live close to both of our families so it was nice to be able to stay home and relax a little as well.  It was an eventful Christmas and we loved it!

Even though our living space if VERY small, we still decided to get our own Christmas tree.  It was little, but perfect! At the lot...

Growing up, my family had a Christmas tradition that each year we would get a new Christmas ornament, so Allen and I decided to do that too.  Since this was our first Chritmas as "Mr. and Mrs." this seemed to be the best option...

On Christmas Eve we went ice skating with my family and had a blast, even though our feet were killing us by the end!

That night we went to Allen's aunt and uncles house to celebtate with the Boberg family (didn't get any pictures). Then, we opened our first presents which were new PJs for Christmas. We got all cozy and we went for a drive with Allen's family to look at Christmas lights.

We had a small Christmas morning together, then kind of split the day with our families.

(our tree and presents)

(my family "Merry Christmas 2010")

we have adorable nephews!

We are so grateful for all of our blessings and loved being able to celebrate this time of year.  We hope everyone had a great holiday as well!