Thursday, June 3, 2010


I didn't mention in the previous post that Allen's Birthday was a million times better because we took a last minute and surprise trip home! With it being hi birthday and Memorial Day, we had a long weekend, so we decided to get out of town and unexpectedly show up at home in California.  Our families were shocked, especially when they woke up to us pounding on the door late at night.  The trip was well worth it and we had a blast in the warm sun!
The Family at Allen's Birthday Dinner

While were there, my side of the family took a trip to our Families cabin near Tahoe.  It was so pretty up there and we got to go on a long bike ride around that Lake.  It was a lot of fun to be with everyone and we're glad we didn't miss out!

Ready to ride

the whole group!

Beautiful Lake Tahoe!

We also had a lot of fun just hanging out

All of my sisters and I

The boys decided to go on a fishing trip after our bike ride.  They were not so lucky with the fish, but did manage to catch a few crawdads.  I thought it was disgusting because if you know me, I don't like anything that ever lived in water, but they cooked them up and ate them.  Yuck! I guess they liked it though and they had a good time.

Allen with the brother-in laws

We had a great trip home, and now it's time to buckle down and make it through the second half of the semester.  Next time we go to California, it will be for good!

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  1. How cool to go home! What a fun trip to tahoe! So lucky your family has a cabin. So nice!